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Yoga at Home


Jen Batson Yoga
Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Meditation &
Stretch Therapy Provider
Keeping it simple one movement at a time


I have been an active yoga instructor for over 14 years teaching vinyasa, yin & restorative yoga as well as meditation.

I am also certified in hot yoga, Pilates and Thai Yoga massage.  


Currently I am the lead flexologist at StretchLab in Livingston, NJ stretching clients Monday - Wednesday - Friday weekly.

I am also in training to become a certified Yoga Therapist and am on track to complete my training in 2023.

My goal is to help people become better connected to how their body works by incorporating my understanding of yoga, Pilates and stretch therapy.  We can always adjust the sessions depending on what you need that particular day as it is always a journey to find ease within our mind and body while navigating a busy life.


I try to keep sessions interesting and upbeat and as I always say:

"You should always be laughing"

Jen Bolt Batson 



Health is a state of body.
Wellness is a state of being.
J. Stanford 


"Your sculpt and tone class is the only one I can confidently and safely participate in. I don't feel "overwhelmed" at the start and I know what I can do to move forward or remain where I can sustain the work."

Debbie F.

"Thank you for today’s  Yin  Restorative class. I soooo needed it. I didn’t feel like doing anything. But then I made myself take your class and it made me feel much better.

Barbara M.


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