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Yoga at Home

Jennifer Bolt Batson

Yoga, Pilates, Barre & Meditation Instructor


Jennifer has been an active yoga instructor for over 10 years teaching vinyasa yoga, yin & restorative yoga as well as meditation.

She is also certified in hot yoga and Pilates and teaches barre and sculpt & tone classes which offer a well balanced full body workout.  

Currently Jennifer is a flexologist at StretchLab in Livingston, NJ. 

She also is in training to become a certified Yoga Therapist and is on track to complete her training in 2022.



Health is a state of body.
Wellness is a state of being.
J. Stanford 


"Your sculpt and tone class is the only one I can confidently and safely participate in. I don't feel "overwhelmed" at the start and I know what I can do to move forward or remain where I can sustain the work."

Debbie F.

"Thank you for today’s  Yin  Restorative class. I soooo needed it. I didn’t feel like doing anything. But then I made myself take your class and it made me feel much better.

Barbara M.


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